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Terms, Conditions & Warranty


This document forms the Terms and Conditions and Warranty between the customer and the Wahoo Boat Trailers brand and Marine International Australia, throughout this document referred to Wahoo Boat Trailers. These terms and conditions and warranty also apply to customer and business operations with Wahoo Spare Parts.

Whereas the term 'You' and "Your" is used throughout this contract, refers to the undersigned customer under Customer Contract Acknowledgement.

Customer Acknowledgement

The customer, acknowledges that you are entering a contract with Wahoo Boat Trailers for a purchase and the full amount on the Wahoo Boat Trailers invoice is due and payable, including GST and you agree to the item product/items listed on the invoice. Until full payment is received the product/items remains under full ownership of Wahoo Boat Trailers.


If a sales deposit has been paid by you, but you wish to cancel due to change of mind, you forfeit 100% of the deposit amount if Wahoo Boat Trailers have commenced production/shipped your product/item. If Wahoo Boat Trailers have not commenced production you may be applicable to a 50% refund.


The full balance of invoice and any add on items/products must be paid in full

and receipted by Wahoo Boat Trailers before collection or delivery of the product may occur. A credit card fee as stated on the online store is applicable on all payments made by credit card, Paypal, or Zip Pay. This fee will be added to the total amount payable or balance due and payable by you

Payment Methods

Direct Deposit, or if paying online we accept Credit Card, Paypal, and Zip Pay (Fees will apply)

Shipping Fees

If applicable, you agree to shipping/freight charges payable by you.

These costs are variable depending on your location and delivery address. An estimate is provided and payable on your invoice, however, in the rare cases of freight being undercharged by Wahoo Boat Trailers, you agree to pay to outstanding additional amount within five business days of the invoiced freight/shipping charges being emailed/mailed to you.

Wahoo Boat Trailers is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to any goods or product in transit when shipping/freight has been organised by a third party.


All quotes are valid for 5 days unless otherwise stated.

Debt Collection Fees

Any expenses incurred by Wahoo Boat Trailers in the pursuit of

reclaiming monies owed, including external fees such as solicitors, debt collection agencies,QCAT, filing fee, bailiff fees shall be paid by the customer to Wahoo Boat Trailers on top of the invoiced amount owing. Interest may also be added to the outstanding amount after 14 days of amount originally due by customer to Wahoo Boat Trailers.

Delivery/Production Times

Certain peak periods experienced by Wahoo Boat Trailers may see wait time for production/manufacture of items/products up to 2 weeks. You will be notified if your product/item will be longer than this stated period.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only applicable under written consent by Wahoo Boat Trailers. Refunds will incur an administration fee of 10%. If product/items has been used, a cleaning fee will be applicable of $90 per hour. If product or trailer is not in an Las new ‘condition, a refund is void.

Display/Demonstration Model

Display models are sold in an "as is" condition and come with a 6mth total warranty.

Privacy Policy

At times Wahoo Boat Trailers comply with The Privacy Act of 1998. Your details provided to Wahoo Boat Trailers is retained for warranty purposes and may be given to a third party to service such warranty repairs. By providing Wahoo Boat Trailers with your details you agree to Wahoo Boat Trailers and our associated businesses contacting you from time to time in relation to your purchase, feedback, and referral and agree to your comments being used in our testimonies both on our website and via social media campaigns.


A product/item/purchase deemed by Wahoo Boat Trailers to be defective must be returned to

Wahoo Boat Trailers within 14 days of the invoice date for a replacement product or refunded

A product/item/purchase incorrectly purchased by you, whereby a replacement product is requested by you, must be returned to Wahoo Boat Trailers within 14 days of the invoice date for a replacement product. Non defective items will be applicable to a 10% restocking fee. Wahoo Boat Trailers will not refund the original shipping cost nor the handling fee incurred from the products return. If the purchase was made under a 'FREE" shipping promotion, the replacement postage will not be applicable for the same free shipping cost. Wahoo Boat Trailers maintains full discretion in decisions relating to a product fitness/ability for return. No refund will be applicable to any open or used product, including any product/packaging tampering in anyway.

Towing Capacity

Each Wahoo trailer is applicable to a maximum towing capacity. It is your responsibility to ensure you tow under these conditions and weight as listed on the Compliance Plate on the trailer


It is your responsibility to ensure your trailer is, and is maintained under the correct registration code and state.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Wahoo Boat Trailers warrants that, subject to the limitations and exclusions as listed below, all Wahoo parts of our manufacture and/or assembly of our assembled trailers are free from defects in workmanship for a period of:

Two Years

Fabricated aluminium alloy components are warranted to be free of structural defects for a period of two years from date of manufacture as listed on the compliance plate

One Year

Hot dipped galvanised components are warranted against rust for one year from date of manufacture on the compliance plate. Cosmetic surface rust is not covered under warranty.

Six months

General fitness warranty for a period of six months from date of manufacture on compliance plate applies to lighting, hydraulic breaking equipment, axles, hubs, (excluding wheel bearings and seals which are warranted for 3 months. No warranty for water entry) tyres (excluding normal wear and tear), springs, callipers, jockey wheels and surface finish of wheels. This warranty does not cover cosmetic appearance, white rust, natural oxidation of the surfaces, including cosmetic rust on painted powder coating or zinc coated surfaces, brake pads, brake lines, winch straps, bow, keel, rollers, skids, rubber wheels, tyres, galvanising on moving components, such as axles and other moving parts.

Owners Responsibility

Your Wahoo Boat Trailer must be maintained in accordance with our Maintenance Manual including servicing every 12 months; brakes and bearings service attention every six months. Refer to maintenance manual for full details to ensure your warranty is not void.


Warranty commences from the date of manufacture as listed on Compliance Plate. During the above stated warranty period, Wahoo Boat Trailers will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts without charge to you. This is only applicable if products have been used under specifications and maintained in accordance with Wahoo Boat Trailers Maintenance Manual. All repairs/replacement parts under this warranty must be completed by a professional Boat Trailers repair facility at the cost of transport worn by you.

Wahoo Boat Trailers reserve the right to make design changes in trailers manufactured and/or sold at any time without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes to trailers previously manufactured and/or sold by them. Wahoo Boat Trailers will not cover any claim arising from negligence, accidental, economic or consequential loss or damage to the owner or to a third party, loss of income or failure to perform recommended maintenance service.

The warranty, remedies and exclusions set forth below are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral and written, expressed or implied. No reseller, agent or employee is authorised to make modifications, extensions or addition to this warranty.

Warranty Conditions

The above warranty is subject to the following conditions:

  1. This warranty extends only to products distributed and/or sold by Wahoo Boat Trailers
  2. This warranty only covers normal use of the product and within guidelines of weight limitations or product use intended.
  3. Product has been maintained in accordance with the Wahoo Maintenance Manual
  4. You must retain your invoice to receive warranty of service
  5. No warranty extension will be granted for any replacement part
  6. All original parts replaced by Wahoo Boat Trailers or an authorised service centre, become the property of Wahoo Boat Trailers.
  7. Any costs associated with transfer, transport or recovery of the trailer or product including delivery to authorised Wahoo Boat Trailers repair facility will be the responsibility of you.

Warranty Exclusions

The following exclusions apply to a Wahoo Boat Trailers warranty

  1. Any after market additions, alterations, or modifications in any manner
  2. Wahoo Boat Trailers is not liable for loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that might result from use or inability to use their product. Under no circumstances shall Wahoo Boat Trailers be liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage exceeding the purchase price of the product.
  3. Trailer, product or repair that has been involved in an accident, loaned to a third party, misuse, negligence, speed, abuse, storm, flood, hail damage and other acts of nature
  4. Any unauthorised repairs made or attempted
  5. Any heavy or overloads which exceeds the maximum towing conditions as stated on Compliance Plate
  6. Any trailer damage or third party damage/injury caused by or a result of incorrect boat setup, not tying down boat effectively, luggage/goods inside or on boat/trailers.
  7. Any damaged caused to vessel, trailer, goods or property by incorrectly adjusted trailer or incorrect tow ball load, including any damage caused by securing a boat onto trailer by winch. (Winch is for pulling boat onto trailer, not suitable for securing a load)
  8. Trailers that have been used for commercial or off-road use (unless trailer is stated as 'off-road' or 'commercial' on original invoice.)
  9. Wahoo Boat Trailers will not be liable for any appliance, persons, goods, boats or load carried or on trailer or additional carry weight
  10. Any rectification/modification/alteration or other work required to adhere to Local, State or Federal Legislation which occurs after manufacture and collection
  11. Any consequential damage or repair work necessitated due to continued use or towing when damage has been noted by the user.
  12. Trailers sold, transferred, leased to any other person than that listed on original invoice with original sale of the Wahoo Boat Trailer
  13. Any trailers that are used within a hire business or lease arrangements.
  14. Any damages caused by external shipping/freight companies, including any delivery arranged by you.

In the case of a suspected warranty claim, please first contact Wahoo Boat Trailers directly or authorised dealer. We will advise you on the appropriate action or the closest authorised Wahoo site.