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Boat trailers are large, heavy, and expensive to produce due to the labour cost involved with their manufacture. They are difficult to store and deliver to customers, which adds lots of extra cost to the retail price of the product.
Wahoo has developed a patented flat-pack product that reduces the boat trailer to less than 20 per cent of their normal size. This significantly lowers transport, storage, and production costs.

Our boat trailers are made of the highest quality materials with the chassis being made of heavy-duty aerospace grade alloy. The entire trailer is prefabricated and packaged into a flat-pack ready for buyers to assemble themselves.

Wahoo’s new boat trailer products allow dealers in more distant locations from major cities to be able to hold boat trailer stock to cater for their customers without thousands of dollars in transport costs (For example, Perth to Melbourne from $130).

We believe Wahoo’s new flat-pack products will revolutionise the boat trailer business not only by reducing the overall cost for customers but by also incorporating the best quality and the latest technology into our boat trailer designs.
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  1. Torsion axles provide the best suspension for your boat. There is no more banging and clanging that you get with the old leaf-spring suspension – your boat will feel like it is just floating with the Axle’s independent suspension.
  2. High tensile aerospace grade alloy chassis including your drawbar and cross-members prevent you having to deal with rust issues and allows your trailer to remain in great condition for a long time.The alloy construction also gives you a trailer that is around half the weight of steel trailers with excellent strength characteristics. This will give you extra towing capacity and also saves on fuel costs.
  3. The fully sealed wiring harnesses keep the water out of your electrics and provides the best option for lighting and electronic continuity.
  4. The flexible hydraulic brake hoses prevent any issues around rust and corrosion, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to braking.
  5. The bunk system will give you a secure and consistent support to your boats hull and allows for flexibility to variations in hull design. This allows you to balance and distribute weight across the length of your trailer. Ensuring the safest transport for your boat whether you are driving to the local rump or going on a long trip.This bunk system also allows superior launching and retrieval capabilities. Your boat will slide right off as soon as you are ready to unhitch it and will idle right back on with the greatest of ease and convenience without any heavy winching.